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This is Karin Hagberg’s book – “Body Awakening – Balance your body, mind & spirit with PILATES and an active lifestyle”

Have you ever wanted to get into better shape but thought it was too hard?
Have you suffered an injury or illness that left you weak or in pain?
No matter what your situation; it is never too late to change and improve your fitness and overall wellbeing. Most of the problems people encounter or assume about fitness have more to do with their own mindset rather than with reality.

In Body Awakening: Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer & Remedial Massage Therapist Karin Hagberg shows you:

• How good health can be part of your lifestyle no matter your age.
• How to become more active and have more energy.
• How to set achievable goals and reach them.
• Where to find the self motivation to start and sustain an active lifestyle.
• How to set a healthy and good example for your family and children.
• How to find balance of body, mind and soul through Pilates.
• How to develop a “Pilates mindset” of awareness during exercise.

Though many people have heard of Pilates, they don’t necessarily understand how or why it works. By improving your overall wellbeing you improve every aspect of your life and reduce stress to a minimum. No matter your circumstances or physical condition everyone can benefit from the wisdom and advice offered in this book and get motivated to achieve a better life.

“My aspiration is that my book will inspire YOU to take a closer look at your current lifestyle and become more active and take responsibility for your own health, fitness & wellbeing. I believe we need to make changes in ourselves before we can have an impact on other people, including our children”

Karin Hagberg, author of “Body Awakening – Balance your body, mind & spirit with Pilates and an active lifestyle”

aspire pilates – exercise for body, mind and soul.

Exercise that is precise and requires concentration will includes using the mind to develop the perfect result you would like to achieve for an easier and less effortless way of moving gracefully and with little strain. This way of exercising develops body awareness, help strengthen your abdominals and back, improves your posture, builds long, lean and strong muscles without bulk, and improves stamina, coordination, flexibility and joint mobility. It will also create a calmer mind.
Open your mind and be ready to experience the Pilates Training Method the aspire way. Aspire pilates provides a successful fitness and Pilates program for any skill level.

The Instructor: Karin Hagberg, is the founder of Aspire Wellbeing which is located on Australia’s beautiful Surfcoast in Torquay, Victoria. Holding a Swedish degree in Sports Education and multiple certifications and licenses in the area of Pilates, Fitness & Remedial Massage Therapy & NLP Coaching – Karin emphasise the connection of body, mind and soul as the key to overall wellbeing. Through the Pilates DVDs, articles and book – “BODY AWAKENING” she shows thousands the principles and process she has created for anyone to have a successful Fitness and Pilates Program.

DVD1 : Pilates Workout Beginner & Intermediate

This DVD is a Revised edition of the aspire Pilates DVD Beginner and Intermediate. Now you get the 2 workouts on this DVD, an introduction to Pilates and also a 12 minutes Relaxation Session. All this for only $19.95 aus.

Beginner Intermediate PICsmallDVD 2: The Ultimate Pilates Workout using the Exercise Ball

Achieve a Balanced, Lean, Strong Body & a Relaxed Mind with this Amazing Workout.
Intro./Workout:. 57.35min.
Relaxation part: 12.15min.
Total Running Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Price: $19.95 aus.

Exercise Ball PICsmall

DVD 3: The Ultimate Pilates Workout using the Resistance Band

Use the Resistance Band to achieve a more Toned, Flexible and Strong Body.
Intro./Workout: 50.45minutes
Relaxation: 12.15minutes
Total Running Time: 1 hour 3 minutes
Price: $19.95 aus.

Resistance Band PICsmall